IPAcc Students competed in National ERP Competition Playoff

December 31, 2016 by : superadmin-ipacc

International Program of Accounting (IPAcc) students represented UMY to compete in national-level Enterprise Resource Management Challenge (ERMC) 2016 Monsoonacademy held in Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta on August 11, 2016. ERMC 2016 is a business simulation game competition that uses 12 modules of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The participants are asked to establish their own virtual-business company, operate and manage the company optimally while competing with other virtual-business companies.

After finishing 1st in campus-level competition against 15 teams, Avengers team consisting of IPAcc students had the right to represent Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta in national-level competition as Muda team. Students that are assembled in Muda team included Yasyfi Fia Kholila, Faizah Novi Widyani, Afiqalisya Maghfira, Nur Afni Taufiqurrohmah Putri, and Ahmad Aziez Al Fauzi which all are IPAcc student of 2014.

Other than Muda team, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta was also represented by GWW team as Mendunia team. Both teams competed with 14 others from 9 universities accross Indonesia including Universitas Indonesia, Prasetiya Mulya Business School and Univeritas Trisakti to fight for 2 places as the representative of Indonesia continuing to compete in South-East Asia level competition in Singapura.

The game was divided into 2 groups, Grup A and Grup B, in which each consisted of 8 teams. After going through tough competition, Muda team and Mendunia team succeeded finishing at 4th postition in 2 playoff groups.

ERMC 2016 was ran by Moonson Academy, a business education/ERP consulting firm through SAP training and MonsoonSIM business simulation. Moonson Academy Program has been organizing trainings for more than 100 universities spread across USA, Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Filipina.

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