International Accounting Program (IPACC) Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University held a Public Lecture by presenting Assoc. Zakiah Saleh from Malaya University. The event, which was held at Amphitetaer E7.B, 5th Floor of UMY Integrated Campus, Tuesday (10/15) discussed the issues and challenges about the Government of Malaysia's Journey in Applying Accrual Accounting.

Zakiah explained how the changes made by the Malaysian Government to their government accounting system, from cash basis to accrual basis. "The Malaysian accounting system is inherited from the United Kingdom. After independence (1957) remained on a cash basis and budgeting traditional line items. Meanwhile there was a change in the government transition. Modification of the Cash Basis was then carried out since 1974 which changed to the accrual basis in 2010, "he said in front of the students present.

Cash Basis is a method of recording in accounting, in which every transaction made is recorded based on the nominal amount received. Whereas Accrual Basic Accounting is a method of recording in accounting with every transaction that occurs is recorded based on the concept of actual recognition. "Changes that must occur in the Malaysian government in the accounting method carried out require the support of politicians and administrators. There is no way to go back to the old method, we must move forward for further improvement, "Zakiah added.

Meanwhile Indonesia itself has embraced the Basic Accrual method for a long time compared to Malaysia which has recently been. "Our differences with Malaysian accounting methods use general law while in Indonesia with Civil Law," said IPACC Study Program Head Dra. Arum Indrasari M.Buss., AK., CA, was met after the event.

This General Lecturer is indeed an activity that is always held by IPACC UMY, which is held five times a year. Arum Even students who attend this event can gain new knowledge about accounting, more than they can during lectures. "Our hope students can benefit from the activities that have just taken place, published from today about the Malaysian Government's accounting methods from Cash Basis to Accrual Basis. Students can later find out about the accrual basis accounting system between Indonesia and Malaysia, so that it can be used as a student thesis material. Because the Accrual Basis is also included in the public sector accounting course at IPACC UMY, "closed the IPACC UMY Head of Study again.