Welcome to the new 2019 UMY Accounting students!

The freshmen of class of 2019 have been through various series of Ta'aruf (Mataf) events. Starting from Mataf University then continued with Mataf Faklutas. Finally, they arrived at the final stage of the Mataf, the Mataf Department. The Accounting Study Program Study Program was held on Wednesday (8/28) at UMY Catering.

The event was opened by the Chair of UMY Accounting Study Program, Dr. Ahim Abdurrahim, M.Sc., SAS., Ak., CA. Dr. Ahim welcomed the new class of 2019 students. Furthermore, Dr. Ahim delivered material on the vision and mission of the accounting study program and the challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 on the UMY accounting study program. "From now on we must form a millennial holistic accountant, that is, an accountant who has a holistic business process insight in the 4.0 era and has the ability to use information technology for decision making," said Dr. Ahim.

The International of Accounting program also adds material related to the class, starting with the introduction of IPACC and further activities such as Student Exchange, Visiting Professor and others. This material was presented by the IPACC Assistant, Imelda Ganes.

The introduction of the Accounting Study Program was then closed with a dorprize event. New students were swept up in excitement at having completed the Mataf series.