Professor and Guest Lecturers


As one of the accredited universities "A", UMY has a vision to be a superior and Islamic campus. Excellence is meant not only from aspects of student achievement / graduate, but also in terms of achievement of teaching staff. The excellence built at UMY is manifested in a tag line "Young Men of the World" which means that UMY academicians should have a broad, global and global perspective, as well as not to exclude local national views laden with cultural values ​​of adi luhur.

To realize this, visiting professor activity became one of the programs launched in UMY. Not only invite lecturers from abroad to teach at UMY, UMY Accounting Program also sends lecturers who have been educated doctoral (S3) to become guest lecturers at leading universities in the World. In this activity, UMY Accounting lecturers become guest lecturer, organize research collabasi, and do post doctoral. Some of the affiliated campuses are: University of Glasgow UK, RMIT University Australia, University of Dayton USA and Universiti Sains Malaysia.


No. Nama Judul Kuliah Seminar Afiliasi Waktu
1 Assoc. Prof. Rodiel C. Ferrer Akuntansi Keuangan Reseach Topics In Financial Field And Reseach Metodology De La Salle University, Filipina Januari, 2017
2 Dr. Yuni Yuningsih, PhD Akuntansi Biaya Research in Accounting and Methodology Curtin university, Australia Maret, 2017
3 Mohd Fairuz Md. Salleh, Dr. - Knowledge and Poverty can’t be inherited Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia Maret, 2017
4 Noradiva Hamzah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Analisis Informasi Keuangan Detection of Fraud Through Financial Analysis Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia November, 2017