Alumni Testimony

Faizah Novy Widyani

“A pride to be the first batch of Ipacc UMY students. Ipacc UMY encourages students’ skills in English, where skills are needed in the workplace. In addition the accounting program also provides facilities that support students in terms of softskill and hardskill. MoonsonSIM Competition Program is always held by the accounting program in each year, able to improve skills in terms of teamwork. It is expected that the accounting program especially Ipacc UMY can organize other accounting competitions in order to improve the students’ ability.”

Nur Afni Taufiqurrohmah Putri

”Being part of the first generation owned by IPAcc UMY is an honor. Our classes always get the best lecturers in their field. The facilities provided are also very fulfilling, even growing better over time. Experience as an IPAcc student is an experience that can not be forgotten.”

Dara Alvi Ningrum

”It’s such a valuable experience to become a part of student in IPAcc UMY. I found the lecture are interesting, challenging, and rewarding. I’ve gained extensive knowledge of my accounting major and how to apply its concepts. Moreover, it will also help you to improve your english, not just during the lecture, but beyond.”