Saturday (10/19) at the Pulesari Tourism Village, Sleman, the 2019 Accounting Bridging was opened. The activity entitled "Millennial and Holistic Accounting" was held on 19-20 October with remarks opened by the chair of the accounting study program Dr. Ahim Abdurahim, M.Sc., SAS., Ak., CA. The activity that was opened by Mr. Ahim Abdurahim is expected to be a "bridge", a bridge or a bridge for new students from high school to the world of lectures, especially studying in the Accounting Study Program at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta. At the end of the opening, he said that "Old is certain. Adult is a choice, by being yourself will make student friends have a strong personality foundation ".

Furthermore, the opening material was delivered by Dr. Suryo Pratolo, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA., AAP-A. The speaker presented material about "BEDUKMUTU and BEDUKMAWA". This introduction to e-commerce belongs to umy so that students can take the opportunity to do business. Suryo Pratolo said that there were several alumni who sold their goods in Bedukmawa and made a profit of around 25 million.

Accounting Bridging activities in 2019 closed with outbound together in the tourism village of Pulesari, Sleman. The series of activities in the Pulesari tourism village began with an art performance held at night with the theme "Muhammadiyah". It is expected that with outbound activities new students can develop soft skills (personal and interpersonal, usually in the form of abilities (talents) or skills) and hard skills (technical skills or mastery of someone's field through speed and accuracy).