International Program of Accounting (IPAcc), Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, UMY brought in visiting lecturer from abroad to give lectures to IPAcc students. The program that is entitled as Visiting Professor invited Dr. Yuni Yuningsih from Curtin University to lecture Cost Accounting course for 2nd Semester IPAcc students. Dr. Yuni currently serves as Head of Management Accounting Dept., School of Accounting, Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Australia.

The program that was held in February 2017 is part of annual routine programs by International Accounting Program of Accounting. The Visiting Professor program is intended to provide a more variative academic atmosphere for students. In addition to tasting the study experience of being taught by foreign lecturer that is hoped to increase understanding in english, the activity is also expected to awaken students’ motivation to be more active in seeking accounting knowledge as well as achieving their dream to go international. Besides lecturing in Cost Accounting course, Dr. Yuni also undertook other academic activities such as giving public lecture to accounting students and workshop with accounting lecturers of UMY.

Participants in the Dr. Yuni’s public lecture with the topic of “Research in Accounting and Methodology” was accounting students who were currently taking research design course. The students received materials about research current issue in accounting field so that they would be more focused in choosing the topic of thesis. Not only that, Dr. Yuni was also sharing tips with students of how to study abroad. The first requirement to be fulfilled is Commulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) that must be higher than required by overseas universities. Second, English fluency that is sufficient which can be obtained by practicing constantly. Next, attitude also needs to be considered as it decides the properness of an individual to incorporate and to survive in an institution. Furthermore, hard work is also required to undergo the study.

Dr. Yuni was also giving workshop to accounting lecturers with the theme of  “Accounting Curriculum and Study Methodology”. Lecturers gained images of how the curriculum applied in Curtin University and its study methodology. In addition, She also shared the tips of how to publish in international journal. At the end of the program, Dr. Yuni became a speaker at International Conference on Accounting and Finance 3 (ICAF 3) 2017 seminar that is a featured routine activity of Department of Accounting UMY. Visiting Professor Program is one of internationalization program series that is  supported by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta besides other programs such as joint research and student mobility. The internationalization programs are expected to improve learning system quality in Department of Accounting UMY.

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