Nowadays in line with technological progress that increasingly rapidly, human lifestyle even more attached with technology. It also gave birth to a new technological era of digital technology, or the so-called distruption era. Of course it will also affect the industrial revolution, including in the field of accounting. For example, there are now many software that can run several accounting activities such as financial bookkeeping and others. In an effort to counter these challenges, the Accounting Department of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) held the 4th International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICAF) on 25 to 26 April which examines the role of the accounting profession in today’s changes.

In his speech Hafiez Sofyani, S.E., M. Sc as chairman of the organizing committee said that the event combines three activities. “Among other international seminars, the collection of papers and workshops, therefore it will attract academics or participants to contribute to this event. Especially if we look at the rapid development of technology today, it brings significant changes in many areas including in the transaction activities. It is also the most visible now in Indonesia. Many transaction activities are already using the digital way, “he said.

Already the number of software that can perform accounting activities in the financial course of concern for educational institutions. “This is our role to redefine the role of accountants” Hafiez said. Therefore this 4th ICAF examines the role of the accounting profession in the development of information technology from the distruption of the era that is happening. One of them is by holding workshop with theme of application of accountancy and information technology as well as presentation from various scientific writings with related theme.

In this fourth implementation, UMY Accounting Program in collaboration with Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta (UMJ), Muhammadiyah Palopo College of Economics (STIE), Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya, Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo (UMSIDA), and Universitas Aisyiyah (UNISA). The event also invited speakers from overseas prof. Nafsiah Mohamed (University of Technology MARA, Malaysia, Expert of Accounting Research Institute of UiTM), Prof. Mehmet Lutfi Arslan (Istanbul Medeniyet University, Business Department of Management and Organization Chair, Turkey), Arif Perdana Ph.D (Singapore Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor, Singapore), Suhendar CA (Accounting Group Head of Bank Syariiah Mandiri).

In addition to seminars and workshops, the activities also supported by Accounting Association of Indonesia (IAI) and Association of Accounting Study Program (APSA) is also signed MoU cooperation between Accounting UMY with Istanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey about the role of the accounting profession in the changes that occurred in the present. “After the event is expected we will continue to communicate well and synergize for the science of accountants in the future” added Hafiez again. (pras)


Here are some 4th International Conference on Accounting and Finance downloadable materials:



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