Knowledge and Poverty can’t be inherited

March 27, 2017 by : superadmin-ipacc

In society, there are many who assume that knowledge and wealth are inheritable from parent. The assumption of intelligent and wealthy parent would breed an intelligent and wealthy child also is common. But, it is actually not true.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Lecturer, Dr. Mohd Fairuz, in International Program of Accounting (IPAcc) UMY public lecture, mentioned that a person’s effort decides his fortune. In the agenda held in Amphitheater Pascasarjana UMY FL 4, Fairuz motivated accounting students to be more positive and motivated in acquiring knowledge. He also told his struggle story when he was young.

“I was from a poor family and lived with my grandma. My grandma always believed that I had no future. But in high school, the class was about 49 people consisting of 46 Chinese and 3 Malaysian. Then 2 Malaysian out and only me remain, and I succeeded to be the brightest student in my class,” Fairuz told.

However, his intelligence, Fairuz told, couldn’t be continued as he studied accounting. He admitted difficulty in beginning to study accounting.  “Nevertheless I kept putting the effort and succeeded obtaining 3.9 GPA. As I continued my study in Birmingham, initially I was having difficulty in language. But I kept working hard by socializing with foreign people so that my language was honed. If I joked and they laughed, they got what I said,” Fairuz told.

Fairuz concluded that intelligence can’t be inherited. If at an occasion a person was clever, then he didn’t continue his persistence, his intelligence wouldn’t continue. So is wealth ownership. He exemplified that he was from a poor family and his Grandma didn’t expect high of him. But he proved with his effort that he can be an excellent person.  That is why poverty can’t be inherited.

“So, if we want to succeed, we have to do the following things. First, be grateful with current condition, especially if parent still exist. Because there are many unlucky people like me. Second is poverty is not to be inherited and can be changed primarily with education. So, we have to be keen in seeking knowledge. Last, be a nation that has identity so that we can compete with international society and across countries,” Fairuz ended. (deans)


Source : UMY

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