Diponegoro International Multidisciplinary School 2016, in short DIMS 2016, is a part of a big event that is called International Diponegoro Annual Summit 2016. My name is Bobby Perdana Putra, student of IPAcc (International Program of Accounting) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. I joined Diponegoro International Multidisciplinary School 2016 in Semarang City, Indonesia.

DIMS 2016 is a discussion forum intended as a medium of brainstorming ideas for undergraduate student in ASEAN about certain issues in ASEAN. The participant is from various countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Jordan, Libya, and USA. DIMS 2016’s great theme is “Water Food Energy for Economy Nexus” this theme later is separated into two sessions of discussion forum with different sub-theme for each forum but still related to the great theme of DIMS 2016. Before the participant start discussing their theme, there will be a kick-starter by a speaker which specialty is Economic and Energy. The goal of this event is to enhance the skill and prepare undergraduate student to face free trade society that’s already started since ASEAN Economic Community official at the beginning of 2016. How far these participant enhance their skill and make preparation for this free trade society will decide how Indonesia situation in the future in AEC.

Multidisciplinary class is one of DIMS 2016 agendas which aims to educate and advance the participants’ knowledge through the materials given, such as Food, Water, Energy for Economy Nexus. All the materials shall be delivered by Doctor and Professor who has expertise in each field. At the end of the multidisciplinary class, all the ­participants are expected to have a good and detailed understanding towards the theme, thus they will be able to design a solution to solve the obstacles.

Focus Group Discussion is aimed to accommodate thoughts and ideas in regard of the FDG theme, “ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, Regulation, and Phenomenon”.  The theme provided shall be applied during the discussion and led by a moderator. The discussion is expected to generate a conclusion which contains applicable and immediate ideas in order to be implemented either in short or long-term by the youth.

Company visit is an agenda to let all participant of DIMS 2016 see directly how the real condition relevant with the theme of DIMS 2016. One of destinations visited is a village in Boyolali which already uses biogas for running villagers’s daily activities. Hopefully, biogas quickly will be the main source of energy in Indonesia and other countries to solve the slowly deminishing energy source in the world, especially in Indonesia.

Rehearsal dinner is the closing ceremony agenda of DIMS 2016 which aims to give a special opportunity for the participants in building and broadening their social network among the participants, hence they could still be bounded after DIMS 2016.

City Tour is a refreshing agenda aimed to give comfort for the participants. Essentially, the purpose of this activity is to introduce the potential of Semarang tourism to them. During this activity the participants were taken to several iconic and historical places in Semarang, such as Lawang Sewu, Kota Lama, and Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah.

I got many benefits from this event, started from new knowledge, new connection, new friends, and more. Hopefully, as a youth, we have to care about changes around us. Decreasing source of energy, changes economic policy, and more are our responsibility. Finally, I am so proud to be a part of DIMS 2016. If you are very curious about my activities, the following is Aftermovie Diponegoro Annual International Summit 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywlrk29RLvA . (Bobby)

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