IPAcc student joins student exchange program to USIM

December 13, 2017 by : superadmin-ipacc

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UMY sends six students to follow the Student Exchange Program at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). This program uses credit transfer system which mean that the grades earned by students in this program will be transferred into their credit hour scores at UMY.

The faculty did the meeting with the students before they go to Malaysia which are attended by the dean, head of department and director of International program in FEB. according to the Dean of FEB UMY, Dr. Rizal Yaya, M.Sc. Ak. CA, the aim of Student Exchange program is to enhance students’ intellectual capabilities. It also becomes an arena for students to improve their soft skill. ” Soft skill is very important as a part to support the hard skill of students. Then another goal of the Student Exchange program is that students get an international experience that will be useful when they have graduated,” said Dr. Rizal when giving a speech in that meeting conducted in the meeting room of FEB UMY, Friday (13/10).The six students of FEB UMY who successfully passed the selection of Student Exchange program that is Hikma Wahyuli (IPAcc), Pradayaningrum (Accounting), Farah Adiba (Management), Wahyu Saputra (Management), Adinda A. Rosyadha (Economics), and Adra Sari (Economics).

To follow this program, the students must fulfill some requirements such as second year students, sufficient English skill and good GPA. Hikma Wahyuli, an IPAcc student batch 2015, said that she is very proud and enthusiastic to be chosen as one of student exchange participant. She hopes that the new environment in her new place will give useful experience as an international accounting student, as well as introduce the name of UMY and Indonesian culture in other countries.

Student exchange to USIM is an annual agenda by FEB UMY consideration the long-standing cooperation between USIM and UMY. This program now is the second batch, where the previous year FEB also sent five students to study one semester in USIM. In this period, USIM also sent four students to study at FEB UMY. Student exchange program is expected to be a bridge to other collaboration programs between UMY and USIM.

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