2018 NCU SoM Elite Workshop in Taiwan

August 11, 2018 by : superadmin-ipacc

(Directur of IPAcc). The workshop held on 6-17 August 2018 aims to provide border management theory and practice to university faculty members, managers in cooperation or government officials in Southeast Asian countries. In addition to managerial practices, the workshop will also cover other timely issues such as big data analysis, financial innovation, smart manufacturing, HR management, economic development and integrated accounting practices with ERP.

Besides getting in touch the with the state of the art managerial practice, guests are invited to experience Taiwan Culture. The 11-day program includes field trips to high tech companies and financial hubs in Taiwan as well as cultural trips to visit rural area of Taiwan to enjoy the beautiful scenes and delicious local foods.

Source: http://mgt.ncu.edu.tw/19/main.html


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